Praise the Lord!  We would like to personally welcome you to New Life of Albany.  At New Life, you will experience the powerful presence of Jesus Christ in a marvelous way.  Where Jesus is, wonderful things happen.  And we would like to see Him do great things in your life also.

    Our purpose and mission at New Life is to allow Jesus to transform lives for His glory.  In an effort to do this, we pray, sing. worship, and study His Word.  As we pray, we are transformed by His presence.  We encounter Him in a real and living way.  As we sing, we are offering worship unto Him.  Our singing is not just done from our mouth's, but we offer Jesus our hearts as well.  And prayer and singing prepare our hearts to hear from His Word.  Sometimes we study the Bible in depth to glean of it's riches.  At other times we are inspired by it's truths to the building of our faith.  But we are always transformed by the powerful Word of God.

    At New Life of Albany, all ages join in worship to the Lord.  From the youngest child, to the oldest person, Jesus is there to transform us, to help us grow in Him.  We have fellowship with each other on a regular basis, to keep us  connected with others.  We serve our community in various ways to show forth Christs' love.  And always, we seek to please Jesus, who has given us this great opportunity of New Life in Him.  Come join us, it is the greatest decision you could ever make.


         God bless you,

         Pastor Steven and Sister Sandi Waldron  

  August 2022  
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Albany, Georgia


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