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November 9, 2016, 12:00 AM

Christian Evidentialism I Part 3

3)    Incomplete Historical Records   
           This argument will only be dealt with briefly for 2 reasons.  

1, it is taught in another course at IBC.  

2ndly, it is really the most easily refuted of the arguments against Christian Evidentialism.  
 By any objective standard, there is more written about Jesus within the period surrounding His life than any other Historical figure of His era.  The Psyche of His disciples, and the rapid spread of the movement, are consistent with the evidence of Scripture.
“The God who isn’t there” and the 126 historical documents that should mentions Jesus and don’t etc. are really just unscientific attempts to deceive the hearts of people.  
A few brief examples of the abundance of proofs for the accuracy of the Bible and the historicity of Jesus are:

- The Dead Sea Scrolls confirmed the amazing effectiveness of the Masoretes in copying the Bible without error

- P64 the Magdelan Papyrus being confirmed by an epifluroscent confocal microscopic analysis dating from 37
-70 AD.
 - The following was written concerning Chester Beatty Papyrus P46, a nearly complete set of Paul’s Epistles “Over fifty years later new discoveries and reevaluation of evidence was applied to Papyrus 46. Scholar Young Kyu Kim in a thorough and highly technical paper concluded that Papyrus 46 should be dated to the later 1st century before the reign of Domitian. Kim compared handwriting styles and linguistic changes from papyri of various known dates and found that Papyrus 46 matched much more closely those found in late 1st century documents than those of the 2nd century.”

-  A 1st century portion of the Gospel of Mark was recently found, is currently part of a larger manuscript find being published by Brill Publishing.

-  Jewish writings of the 1st century mention Jesus

- Early writers claimed to enemies of Christianity to be able to go to the Acta Senata and the Acts of Pilate to confirm the proceedings of Jesus death and trial.

- The Nazareth Decree of 48 AD 

- 20,000 pieces of Biblical literature from 400+ languages from the earliest days of Christianity
When we get to archeology, there will be further confirmations, many along these lines.

4)    The Problem of Translation
      On the surface, this would appear to be an issue, maybe an insoluble one, on the authenticity of the Bible.  Since translation is an inexact science, and since so much of Hebrew and Greek are contextual in their translations and interpretations, it would be impossible to have an accurate translation today.

 These arguments would be similar to Ludwig von Wittgenstiens Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, and also arguments from the Vienna Circle.

 But in practical terms, this is a non-argument.  International treaties are routinely conducted in multi-languages, with a precision of meaning necessary for exactitude in minute business dealings.  

 The UN, among other bodies, routinely translates speeches into dozens of languages, and none of the several languages would have a dispute that they are hearing what is being spoken in meaning.
A non-issue among closer examination.

5)    Inaccurate Historical Statements
     There are none.  Scholars didn’t believe Ur existed, until it was discovered.  Scholars said the Hittites never existed, until Boghazkoy was uncovered, the Hittite capital.  Ramsey went to the Mediterranean to conclusively disprove the Bible.  He was converted to Christianity and became a great defender.  Assyrian King lists, Rulers in NT times, Egyptology, are all routinely found to be correct with the Bible upon further  examination.

 This leads me to say – whenever you hear an authoritative, conclusive contradiction on some part of the Bible, be highly skeptical.  The skeptics of the Biblical record have been wrong so often, it is invariable that they will be shown to be wrong in the current soup de jour as well.

6)    Supposed Inaccurate and Outdated Scientific Observations Found in Scripture   

 Many say the Bible teaches a glass dome hovering over the earth, to which stars are attached.  This is not true.  The Bible mentions Arcturus, Mazzeroth, Pleaides, Orion, Planets, all without a reference to glass domes.  This is misunderstanding of some of the Biblical statements.
Darwinian Evolution with its attendant billions of years is currently the major attack on the Bible from a pseudo-scientific point of view.  But the evidence of a young earth being created in 6, 24 hour days is overwhelming and conclusive.

-    Instantaneous  Creation is the only viable explanation for Male and Female being formed with necessary components for procreation within spatial and chronological distance of one another, for each species

-    Only a recently created Sun could sustain life on earth, as the heliosphere is shrinking by 5 ft per second

-    Only a recently created moon could benefit earth, with lunar recession occurring

-    Only an Earth of 10,000 years or less of age could sustain a Magnetic field with a half life of 1,400 years

-    Moon dust accretion, meteors and craters, and comets all show the earth to be very young 

-    The objective evidence shows abundant proofs of a worldwide catastrophic flood

-    Genetic entropy prevents the human race from being over 300 generations old, due to DNA degregation.

-    DNA evidence shows the existence of a Mitochondrial Eve and a Genetic Adam in the recent past, even originating from the area near Ararat. 

-     Linguistic evidence would confirm a language type event at Babel. 

-    Symbiosis, the dependence on things with other living organisms, shows an instantaneous creation

-    Syntropy shows a complete disavowal of any possibility of Darwinian Evolution

-    Genetic walls are preventors of Darwinian Evolution

-    There is no inheritance of Acquired Characteristics according to Mendels Genetics

-    The 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics forbid the upward transmutation of the species, and the arbitrary, non-ordered bringing of order out of chaos.

-    The Law of Biogenesis militates strongly against Evolution

-    The Anthropic Principle, with its attendant observations of the uniqueness of water etc. show design and a Creator with purpose in mind 

-     Population statistics are consistent with a worldwide flood.

-    Dendrochronology points towards a worldwide flood.

-    The Bible speaks of the life being in the blood, the circle of the earth, the earth hanging upon nothing, the hydraulic cycle, and dinosaurs, showing its scientific accuracy. 

-    Saturns Rings are very young

-    The Ica Stones, Petroglyphs, Footprints of Man and Dinosaurs in the same strata, Frozen Mammoths, and the existence of blood still on Dinosaur bones show man and dinosaurs lived together in recent times.  
The Bible is accurate in all Scientific details

7)    The Lack of Archeological Confirmation or Contradictory Information
Again, only the unobjective and biased make these spurious claims.  Most respected, mainstream archeologists now conclude the Bible is accurate in every detail.  Randall Price, Grant Jeffrey, the Mazars, Benjamin and Eilat, Don Patton, and Ron Wyatt are the names to look for here.  Some of the older names are Joseph Free and Howard Vos, among many others.  The evidence compiled from Archeology is overwhelming from all Biblical periods, with Christian Evidentialism.

-    All of the major cities and areas of the Book of Genesis have been discovered and excavated.  Intimate details concerning treaties and the selling of land have been corroborated, such as the Suzrein-Vassal Treaty.

-    Archeology has shown Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues, Nimrod, and the Table of Nations in Genesis 10

-    Antiquity has shown the Fall of Man

-    The Sumerian King Lists shows ancient man lived significantly longer

-    The Epic of Gilgamesh, with its Noah, Utnapishtim, along with 350+ other ancient Flood narratives, shows Noah’s Flood.

-    The Chinese Language depicts the Fall and the Flood

-     The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden

-      Giant bones of humans and beds have been discovered showing Giants as confirmed in Genesis 6 and later during the Exodus/Monarchic Era.

-    Many new and exciting discoveries are coming to light concerning the Exodus

-    Shiloh has been discovered

-    Balaam as a prophet has been found

-    The Tel-Dan inscription of the House of DaVid

-    Ahab’s Ivory House

-    Baruch Bulla – Jeremiahs amanuensis

-    The Silver inscription of the 6th Century BC with Numbers 6:24-26 on it

-    Jericho’s walls are shown to have fallen as recorded in the Bible – with 1 section remaining – Rahabs house

-    Peter’s House in Capernaum has been discovered, with references to Jesus being God inscribed on the wall

-    Caiaphas Ossuary discovered

-    Davids House possibly discovered

-    Hezekiah’s water tunnel

-    Sodom and Gomorrah referred to in ancient text

-     The Temple

And hundreds more, including Titus’ Arch, all show the vital historicity of the Biblical narrative.  
Halleys Bible Handbook and The Thompson Chain Reference Archeological Supplement are other good resources  for this.

8)    The Bibles Command and Approval of the killing of children, the approval of slavery, and Women’s Subjugation  

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